About Us

Health Giving Society was founded in 2014 and registered in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan with all concerned departments and ministries. We are raising funds to support various sectors of Health and Humanitarian issues.


To be a milestone in the life of the marginalized and the poor through access to all members of the community who are in need of medical services, and to provide them with excellent services and protect them from diseases and epidemics.

In addition, we look forward to the deployment of these services to all parts of Jordan and to transfer our expertise and modern medical knowledge to all the staff and specialists in the medical field in order to enable the Health Giving Society to play an active role within the public sector organizations.


  • Offering medical services and treatment to Jordanian, Syrian refugees, the needy and the orphans residing in the H.K.J.
  • Elevating the level of mental health and training the staff working in the field.
  • Giving financial -- N F I -- help to the poor and the needy.
  • Treatment of the mentally and physically challenged individuals.
  • Research, studies and documentation.


  • Founder & President / Dr. Hashem Al Zaboun

General Surgery , Yash University - Romania 

40 years of experience in different hospitals in Jordan

  • Vice President / Diab Rbeihat

Business Administration , Cairo University - Egypt

24 years of experience in the Jordanian Ministry of Health

  • Main Coordinator / Emile Rock Abdullah

MPhil in Psychology , Durham University - England

40 years of experience

  • IT Manager / Omar Sabella

MIS , Al-Ahliyya Amman Uneversity - Jordan

9 years of experience